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Mohsin Kazmi

           Hi everyone, welcome to my website! I’m glad you could make it. I promise i’ll be brief. I was born in a suburb of Bergen County, New Jersey. My first camera was a windup Canon 35mm point and shoot that my mom gave me when I was 9. All I remember was trying to take pictures of everything. Granted, my pictures came out quite poorly and no one really paid much attention to them; it still sparked a life long interest in photography. A lot of time has passed since that camera, during that time I have traveled to many really incredible places. However, one type of place really struck a chord with me, the rainforest. The first one I ever saw was the Montane rainforests of Eastern Madagascar. I was blown away by the sounds and abundant plant and animal life. My interest quickly took me to the Peruvian Amazon the following year. In the Amazon I witnessed biodiversity that made Madagascar’s forests appear to be my backyard in New Jersey.

          The chilling reality of my experiences came to fruition when I heard my first gunshot in the Amazon within one hour of my arrival. It was imprinted in my mind until the next day, when I heard one again. I continued to hear gunshots until the sound of trees falling and chainsaws wailing started become a familiar occurrence. I realized that my pictures could actually show anyone who viewed them the realities of poaching and deforestation in the Amazon. In the three weeks that I spent there I saw far too many Mahogany trees floating down the Las Piedras River and I truly believe that through my pictures, I have the power to allow these trees to continue to stay vertical. Now I have teamed up with Paul Rosolie a young naturalist and explorer to protect the Amazon through The Junglekeeper Project. Don’t worry I’ll give you a link at the end of this!

While I can easily say I was taken aback by the rainforests ecosystems of the world, I have not seen all of them. It is my life’s goal to travel to every rainforest in the world and take pictures of an Eden that so few people get to experience. I hope the pictures I share with you bring awareness to lifestyles and places that should be seen, protected, and respected. When I am not traveling I enjoy photographing people, events, and just about anything that looks interesting. I have a huge passion for motorcycles and I ride any time that I can. If you would like to contact me and see how you can get involved in conservation, please visit the contact me page.

Your Friend,

Mohsin Kazmi